Payment options

We’re pleased to announce that we can now accept contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. Other forms of accepted payment include cash, checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (either chip cards or magstripe cards). We look forward to servicing your pest control needs.
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Zika Virus…What you should know.

The Zika Virus. What is it? What should we know? What should we do?

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Some after you’ve hired a pest control company etiquette.

Here are a few tips on etiquette if you hire a pest control company to treat your pest issues.
1. Give detailed and accurate information as to where the pest issue is and what pest issues you are having.
2. Answer any questions as honestly and accurately as possible. We are not there to judge you.
3. It is not necessary or helpful to follow your technician around while they are trying to work. Please go relax in the shade and leave the hard work to the pros.

Thanks and have a great pest free day!

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Cool weather, less bugs?

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when answering the question of how will the long winter and cool spring affect our pest populations this year? The first thing to consider is what type of soil do you have? Clay soils stay cooler longer while sandy soils heat up faster, so if you’ve got sandy soil you’ve probably noticed the ants are alive and well and happily excavating piles of dirt as they expand their homes. Secondly is how much moisture have you received? If you live where flooding has occurred you’ll probably notice an increase in pest activity, heavy rains and flooding while drive insects from their normal areas. Plus flooding leads to water damaged wood which is most certainly an insect magnet. Flooding causes other problems as well by leaving lots of little pockets of water in low lying areas which can lead to a heavy mosquito season. Third and most importantly, insects aren’t really bothered by these up and down temps as much as we are, so while we’re perfecting our quick change act, insects are busy doing what insects do, eating, maturing, mating and expanding their colonies. For them it’s life as usual and that means survival of the fittest, so if you’ve had insect issues in the past, don’t be lulled into thinking that things will be less “buggy” this year due to the weather.


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Is it Spring, yet?

Spring is slowly working it’s way into our area and as it does you may notice water ponding near your home’s foundation. If possible try to divert that water away from your home so that moisture loving insects aren’t drawn to your home, sweet home. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


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Seasonal pest control

17 days until Spring and we’re thinking warm thoughts in an effort to melt the mountains of snow that have encased mid-MI this Winter. If you’ve been sitting on the fence concerning signing up for seasonal pest control because you’re afraid it’s too expensive or for other reasons, give us a call and we’ll answer all your questions about our seasonal service plan.

Proudly offering quality service at affordable prices to the following counties in mid-MI since 2004; Lake, Mecosta, Missaukee, Newaygo, Osceola, and Wexford. Call 231-832-1738 today to learn more about seasonal pest control and how it can benefit you.


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Ice dams? My house always has those, it’s no big deal. Wrong!

I spend a lot of time driving through our communities and winter is a great time to give houses a thorough once over. The most common problem I see in the wintertime is ice dams. That ridge of ice that builds up right at the edge of your roof can be a real trouble maker if it pushes water up under your shingles. Older houses seem to be more prone to ice dams, but honestly I’ve seen them on relatively new homes as well. It all boils down to construction, quality of building materials and how well the home is insulated. If you have a home that consistantly has ice dams on the roof, it’s important that you monitor the situation and take the neccessary steps to remove the ice before it causes leaks in your roof.


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